You can now add and modify camera groups in Web, in addition to the mobile applications.

This allows you to create custom groups to view cameras of a certain type (such as all office cameras), across multiple locations, or to have your favorite cameras just a click away.

1. Head on over to the video page by clicking the Video icon

2. Groups are organized above your location(s). Click the New Group button to create your own custom group›

3. In the dialogue box, give your group a unique name and then click the Add button

4. Now you can search for cameras to add to your group. Goto the Search dialogue and type in the name of the camera you want to add to your group

5. Select the camera by clicking the Actions button

6. Now select Add to Group

7. Check the groups you want to add the camera to. Cameras can belong to more than one group. Just check (or uncheck) the groups you want the camera to belong too. Click Save to add the camera.

You’ll notice there is also an “Add to a New Group” button. This provides another way to create a group and add a camera to it.

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