Motion Alerts generate an event every time motion is detected in a specific area. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Motion Alerts on an office camera, but this can also be applied to monitoring motion activity in other critical areas of your business like emergency exits, inventory storage, and utility equipment.

Before we get started, please note that setting up Motion Alerts is only available for Admin users.

1. Select your office camera.

From the Video page, start out by selecting the location and camera you want to set up Motion Alerts on. In this case we're choosing the office camera. 

2. Turn on the Motion Alerts tool from the menu.

Now that we're in the video player, head up to the menu in the top right to show the additional features. 

Select the Motion Alerts option from the list to launch the editor tool. 

3. Draw in the area you want to detect motion.

Now that you're in the editor tool, use your mouse cursor to draw in the area where you want to detect motion and generate an alert. In our case, we're going to draw in the area over the safes where money is kept. Now, whenever motion is detected near the safes we can view that event on the Events page

Tip: you want to select the minimum amount of area in the camera view to avoid generating an alert when motion occurs beyond the intended area. 

4. Finish up.

When you're done selecting your area click to "Done" button in the top right to save and exit the editor tool. That's it! You just set up a Motion Alert for the office camera. Go ahead and set up Motion Alerts on more cameras that cover critical areas of your business like emergency exits, inventory storage, or other restricted access areas.

Now that you have Motion Alerts setup on your cameras, you can find these events on Solink's Events page. Use the toggles on the right side of the histogram to hide transaction and bookmark events leaving only motion events visible.

Go a step further by searching for the name of the camera to filter down your results and use the histogram to navigate through time. You can even save your search as a report so it is available for use in the future. To learn how to save a report check out this guide.

Get notified of new alerts.

The final piece of the puzzle is getting notified when a new Motion Alert is generated. Solink offers two types of notifications: real-time push notifications and summary emails. To learn how to set up notifications check out this guide.

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