Reports allow you to keep searches and easily access your most important searches.
To learn how to create searches, click the button below

Creating reports is easy, just follow these steps

Step one : On the events page on, search for what you would like to create a report for. Here, I've created a search for double double dark roast coffees.

Step two: Click on the button Save Report

Step three: At the top of the windowed screen, it shows you which event filters are being used and which keywords in the search. If you would like to change any of these, scroll down, click cancel and then make those changes on the events page. 

Step four: Create a report name and add any details you would like to include in the report description. 

Step five: Change the last few settings before saving. Private reports only you can see and public reports anybody on your team can see - share with your team if you think they can use your report as well! If you would like to set up notifications, you can do it directly from this screen. Push notifications will let you know when things happen live. To learn more, click on the button below. 

Daily or weekly digests give you a snapshot of your business with your chosen reports. To learn more, click on the button below.  

Step six: Click on Save and you have created your report! Great job!

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