How to know when your device is offline

When your recording device is offline, you will not be able to view recorded video and may not be able to see your cameras live on any monitors on location, if they are connected to the Solink system.

Here are some signs that your Solink system has gone offline:

  • The local monitor(s) in your office/location have gone dark:

  • On the Solink Cloud application, the location shows that it is suspected to be offline when hovering over the location in the selector panel:

  • You are not able to load video on the mobile apps or web application, and a similar error to the below shows:

What to do when your device is offline

The Solink Support team is ready to help. Our team works with your location(s) to bring devices back online in quick order, so that you can continue to record video and keep your areas secure. When we work on bringing devices back online, we check the following main parts:

  1. Power to the system
  2. Connection to the network
  3. Status of the Solink software

Power to the System

Your recording device may either be a Desktop unit or a Rackmount unit. In either case, check the following article to find your unit model and what it looks like.

The first thing to confirm is that it is powered on. Each device has a power cable that goes into the back - ensure it is securely connected into the recording device on one end, and that the other end is securely connected to a power source that is working (this is key!). Power cables will connect into the "DC IN" section on the back.

Here is an example of a "DC IN" slot (the circular slot at the left):

Some units will just have a large connection without a label (ensure the on/off switch is ON!):

If the device is properly powered, the front panel of your unit will be lit up. The power light will be lit and the device will emit a low hum, similar to your home computer or another piece of equipment. Upon startup, it may emit a beeping noise to signify that it has turned on.

Connection to the network

In order for the recording device to be accessible on the Solink Cloud platform, it must be connected to the network. On most units, your device will have an Ethernet cable connected to the top network port of the recording system on one end, with the other end leading to your network router or switch (depending on the environment). Here is an example:

In this case, the top cable goes to your network router. The bottom cable (as seen in this picture) will normally go directly to your cameras (i.e. a camera switch, or analog DVR). Please check with Solink Support to confirm that your device is connected the same way (or not).

Ensure that both cables are firmly connected into the device. If they are connected properly on the other end, there will be lights flashing on the recording device next to your ethernet cable that is connected. There is also a light labelled "LAN" on the front of the unit that will be lit and flashing Amber.

If your recording device is powered on and the LAN light is flashing, and your device is still showing as offline, please reach out to Solink Support for further troubleshooting instructions. It is possible that Solink may need to establish a remote connection via screen-sharing application to ensure our application is running properly and that the unit does not have any physical errors or defects.

As always, you can reach our team at:

LIVE Chat - In the Solink App (iOS/Android) or on

Email -

Phone - 1-888-335-9844

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