Expand camera views in multi-play

Viewing multiple cameras at once is a great way to speed things up when you're watching video. Based on customer feedback, we created a way for you to easily expand one of the camera views for a closer look without having to close the other camera views.

Expanded camera views in multi-play

Print or save an event as a PDF

Have you ever needed to export a single transaction for an investigation or customer issue? Now you can easily print an event or export it to a PDF right from the event card. If multiple cameras are associated to the event you will have the option to include the thumbnail images in the printout.

Solink event print

You can make adjustments to the scaling, margins and whether or not the header and footer are included in the final output in your browser's print feature. Here is what Google Chrome's print settings look like.

Chrome's print settings

Export multiple events to a CSV

Do you need to export a large number of events to perform additional analysis? Solink has an export tool that will generate a CSV file that can be imported into applications like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Solink event export to CSV

We recently added a column to the CSV file for the event's URL so you can quickly launch the Solink app to view the event's video.

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