Setting up your account

Once Solink has been installed at your location, you should receive your login credentials. If you have not received it yet, please contact to have them sent to you.

Important: Interacting with the Video Monitor requires a keyboard and mouse to be connected to the recording device. Please contact Support if you need assistance.

Viewing Live Video

By default, the monitor will display the Live Camera view.

  1. Double click any camera to enlarge it to full screen. Double click again to revert back to the previous view.
  2. Cameras can be organized into pages. Switch between pages by selecting another page from the drop down menu or using the forward and back arrows along the top.
  3. Pages will switch automatically with a countdown timer visible along the top. You can pause the switching by clicking on the far right icon along the top.

Viewing Recorded Video

Click on the Recorded button in the top left of the screen to view historical video. You might be asked to enter your login credentials to access recorded video.

  1. The playback controls and timeline are along the bottom of the screen.
  2. Change dates by clicking on the calendar icon along the top of the screen.
  3. Save a video clip by clicking the cloud upload button along the top of the screen.

Saving a Clip of video

Saving a Clip secures video and can be downloaded or shared. First you will need to know which cameras and when your Clip will start and end.

  1. Select the camera(s) that you would like to save video from.
  2. Set the start and end times for the video clip.
  3. Enter the clip’s details: Title, Visibility (if applicable), and Notes.
  4. If you would like to share this Clip with someone, check the box beside "Share via email" and include the recipient's email and a short message.

Clips you create from the Video Monitor will be available on the Clips page of

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