Before we get started there are a couple things to know:

  • Only Admin users can turn on AI detection for cameras.
  • AI detection is limited to 5 cameras per location.
  • A camera can only detect people OR vehicles, not both.
  • AI detection is not retroactive. You will only be able to search for people or vehicles in video that is recorded after selecting the AI detection type.

How to turn on AI detection for your cameras.

  1. Head to the video tab on and select a location where you would like to turn on AI detection.
  2. Hover over a camera to make the Action button appear in the top right of the camera's thumbnail.
  3. Select the type of AI detection you want for this camera.

How to search video for people or vehicles

With AI detection turned on for your cameras you can begin to search for people or vehicles in newly recorded video.

  1. Open one of your cameras with AI detection turned on. Tip: look for the people or vehicle label on the camera's thumbnail to indicate which cameras have this turned on.
  2. Switch to archived video playback if you are currently in LIVE mode.
  3. Select the Motion Search tool.
  4. Switch your motion type to either people or vehicle.
  5. Draw in the area of the camera that you want to search for people or vehicle.
  6. Use the forward and back playback controls to jump between moments of video where people or vehicles were detected.
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