Video Alarms are a powerful new feature that allows you to get alerted anytime motion is detected on your cameras. Set up a schedule to automatically arm your cameras when your business is closed or choose to have cameras trigger alarms 24 hours a day in sensitive areas like offices and inventory lockers.

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Important: This guide requires you to be an Admin to complete the setup.

Before you get started on your iOS device, visit the Alarm Settings in Solink's web application to create an alarm schedule and update your notification method. Alarm notifications will be sent to your email be default but they can also appear in Solink's apps.

Check out this guide to learn how to define an alarm schedule and set your notification preference.

1. Select the cameras that will generate alarms.

After selecting a location, swipe left on a camera to open the alarm modes menu. Set your cameras to follow a custom schedule if you already created one. The schedule will be used to arm and disarm the cameras automatically each day.

Cameras covering sensitive areas like back offices or inventory lockers can be always armed for around the clock monitoring and protection.

You can define specific Motion Zones on each camera that will be used to detect motion. It is not recommended that you select the entire camera view for triggering alarms. This will result in accidental alarms and the potential for excessive notifications.

If you see an error for setting up Motion Zones please go to Solink's web app to define you regions of interest before continuing.

2. Subscribe to locations where you want to receive alarms.

Now that you have set up the cameras that will be used to generate alarms, the final step is to subscribe to the location to get notifications. Swipe to the left on a location to see your options

New Feature - Alarm snoozing

Snoozing a location provides an easy way to temporarily disable notifications for all users subscribed to the location. When a location is snoozed by an Admin, all subscribed users will stop receiving alarm notifications until the location is unsnoozed.

Tip: Use this when someone needs to make an unexpected visit to your location in the middle of the night.

Perhaps you want greater flexibility?

Set your alarm cameras to always on mode and pause notifications manually by snoozing the location with the app when you arrive on site. When it's time to lock up for the night, unsnooze the location's alarm and your cameras will return to being armed.

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