Welcome back from the Holidays. Our first update for 2020 includes an improved experience for viewing information in the app when using time to find events and video. Let's take a look!

Date and Location picker  

The Date and Location pickers have been improved to easily indicate when you have made changes.  Changes to the date, time, and location will now persist after changing pages (going from one tab to the another), refreshing the page, or closing your browser. Each of these are now buttons you can press to further narrow your search criteria.

Introducing the time picker

The updated look transitions into the new calendar with options to quickly change both the month and the year. The biggest change is the addition of a time picker which we received a lot of feedback from users on. Input a time here and automatically view events from that time onwards. This also applies to the Video page to select when video will begin playing. 

Live video toggle

Now it's easier than ever to pick exactly when you want to start watching video from. The video page has a handy toggle so you can easily switch between watching archived and Live video. 

Video retention messages

When viewing video that is no longer within your retention period you will now see new messages to help guide you to where video still exists. 

And that's a wrap on this round of updates. Let us know what you think of these changes or any other aspects of the system by posting in our Feedback tool. 

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