Solink's Dashboard acts as the command center for your business, giving you quick access to the metrics that matter, and your most used cameras. Now you can keep an eye on transactions as they happen with a live feed of events streaming across your screen.

How to add the Sales Ticker

  1. From the Dashboard page, click the Add Widget button (far left of screen).

2. From the Add Widget pop-up, under Widget Type drown down, select Event Ticker.

3. You can select a specific report if you would like to see a filtered list of events or you can show all events which is a great default to use.

4. Add or remove any keywords you would like to see highlighted. This shows up in a different colour on the ticker.

5. You can give the Ticker a name and then finish by clicking Add.

Leave us a comment in our handy Feedback tool and tell us what you think about the Sales Ticker and what other types of widgets you would like to see in the future. 

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