We are excited to announce that we have revamped the Video page after hearing great feedback from our users. We made it easier to access cameras by location, deliver information about each of the locations at-a-glance, and improved page loading performance. Head on over to the Video page to experience it for yourself.

The first thing you'll notice is that we have introduced a new color scheme for this page. We want to help you navigate the cameras and get to the video easier and some quick research pointed us towards moving away from the lighter color scheme.

Your locations are now in the left navigation column, displaying the location name, address, and the number of cameras. This replaces the previous location selector along the top near the date picker. Each location displays the status of its cameras in a bubble on the right. This at-a-glance view informs you of the number of cameras that are detected. If you see a single number, that means all of your cameras are online. If there are two sets of numbers (ex. 10/11) that means some of your cameras are currently offline or we have not been able to detect them. If there is a single number with a red background, then the device is suspected to be offline. These statuses will change during the routine health checks that are performed.

The search capability has been improved so you can find cameras faster by searching by location name, address, and camera name.

Your favorite cameras are at the top of the list under the heading "Groups" - if you don't see any cameras listed in your Favorites, try adding some cameras by clicking the star in the top right of a camera's thumbnail. We will be looking to expand this capability in the near future to allow for custom groups as well - stay tuned!

Click on a location to show all of its' cameras. From here, you can quickly browse and select a camera to launch the video player. Access to camera details, such as how much SD or HD video is available, can be found by clicking on the menu located under each thumbnail. 

We'd love your feedback on any of the changes. Use the Feedback tool and let us know what you think of the new color, new layout, and navigation. If there is anything else you would like to see, be sure to include that too.

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