Real-time alerts are a key feature that helps you monitor and manage your business using Solink. We had great feedback on the need for personal reports and to receive real-time alerts whenever important events happen. With this update, we give you more control over your reports and introduce the ability to receive alerts directly to your favorite device, be it through the web or our mobile apps.

Subscribe to real-time alerts

Want to get notified whenever someone opens the safe in your office, uses the back door, or cashes a $100 bill? Real-time alerts get pushed directly to your computer on the web or smartphone thanks to Solink's mobile apps for Android and iOS

On the web, you can catch up on missed notifications by clicking on the bell icon in the top right. If you switch to something other than Solink, your computer's operating system will display the alerts to ensure you're always in the know.

See only what matters to you

The new Reports section of the Settings allows you to selectively show or hide the reports you see thanks to the visibility settings and you can also set up notifications too. Select from Solink's default reports, public reports within your account that are shared with all users, or private reports that are for your eyes only. Anyone can create private reports and admin users can choose to create public reports for others to see and use.

Customize your Digest emails

Now you can customize your Digest emails to be just the way you want them. Choose from private, public and shared reports along with email specific scorecards that display valuable metrics on your sales and operations. Beyond what’s included in the Digest, you now have complete control over when you receive your Digest emails. 

We’re excited to share this powerful new functionality with you and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Use our Feedback tool found in the main menu to leave a comment about real-time alerts or share your ideas for other ways we can improve Solink.

Until next time,

-Solink Product team

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