To troubleshoot an offline video recording device (commonly branded QNAP) please follow the steps listed below. Refer to the diagram below when needed.

Step 1

Looking at the front of the QNAP (see diagram), look for Hard Drive 1 Light, Hard Drive 2 Light, Local Network Light, and Power Button/Light to determine if the device has power. If the device is powered on but still appearing as offline, move to step 2.

If all of the lights are off, check the Power cable on the back of the QNAP (see diagram) to ensure it is securely connected. Lastly, check the Power cable's connection to the power source or outlet. When the QNAP regains power it will make an audible beep noise. 

If any of the Hard Drive lights are off or flashing red, please contact Solink support.

Step 2

If the recording device has power, check the network connection of the device. On the back of the QNAP check that the cables going to Ethernet Port 1 and Ethernet Port 2 are securely connected (see diagram). There should be two flashing lights per ethernet port. If these lights are not flashing please move to step 3.

Step 3

If the cables are connected securely to Ethernet Port 1 and Ethernet Port 2, check the status of your internet connection and network adapter. We recommend contacting your internet service provider for troubleshooting your internet connection and associated hardware.

Step 4

As a last resort, try restarting the video recording device by holding down the power button located on the front of the device (see diagram).

Please Note:
If at this point the video recording device does not come back online, it might be a problem with the hardware or a cabling issue that would require a technician to diagnose. Please contact our customer support team by emailing:

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