With recent release of many great new features comes updated versions of both our iOS and Android apps. Head over to the app store to update to the newest version.

What's New

Favorite Camera Support

Now you can quickly access your favorite cameras from the location list. 

Download Options

In an effort to clean up the user interface and make room for the Activity Search tools, we have moved your download options into a single menu. Open the menu to reveal options for:

  • Snapshot
  • Download Video
  • Add bookmark...
  • Add to favorites

Receipt Overlay

You can now capture a transaction's receipt details in a downloaded snapshot. Simply select the Snapshot option from the download menu when the receipt details are on the screen to have then included in the image. (Tip: pause the video player when the details are visible to make capturing the snapshot easier.)

That's it for this round of updates! Please let us know what you think using the in-app chat or emailing support@solinkcorp.com.

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