The histogram has been a longstanding feature of Solink's Events page. Previously, it was used to visualize the number of events that occured in a given day to help spot suspiciously low or high periods of activity. In addition to displaying event counts, the histogram also helped you navigate time and select a particular event that deserves a second look.

Today, we are excited to announce that the histogram is getting an upgrade!

1. The date picker

Easily change the date or time range that the histogram displays. Navigate days, weeks, months or even years with the click of a button.

2. Widen your time range

Go beyond a single day and view event data from the whole week, month, or year. Now, you can quickly see how last week compared to the week before, month before or even year before.

3. Check out the details...

Hover over the histogram to see exactly how many Transaction, Motion and Bookmark events were recorded during that period with a handy tooltip.

Coming Soon: View additional details like Total Revenue plotted as a line along the histogram! Quickly access revenue data across all time periods for all locations at once, or by drilling down to each location individually. 

Stay tuned for details on when and how you can see revenue data in your Solink system.

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