Video Player Enhancements

Streaming Order Items

Thanks to some helpful customer feedback on how to improve the video player, you can now see order items appear as they are entered on the register. Check out the animation below for an example.

You may have noticed this feature in our mobile apps for Android and iOS. Soon, this information will appear even when the Overlay Receipts toggle is switched off.  Future enhancements include the display of order durations on the player's timeline and an easier way of dismissing receipt overlays.

Event Specific Reports

Previously, reports would display all events that matched your search criteria regardless of event type (Transaction, Motion, or Bookmarked). This worked for transaction based searches and reports but made it difficult to craft reports specifically for motion events, until now!

Now, reports will remember when you toggle off event types that you don't want to see. In the below example we are only looking for motion events.

Saving this search as a report will now remember that we only wanted to see motion events.

Motion Reports in Digest

Finally, with the option to save motion only reports comes the ability to have these reports added to your Digest email. 

If you would like to have motion detection turned on or have questions about Digest, please contact our Customer Success team using the in-app chat or email

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